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Cassie Groll


Cassie is a board Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and holds a Doctorate Degree in Nursing Practice. She has authored a book, Fast Facts for the L&D Nurse: Labor and Delivery Orientation in a Nutshell which has become an international guide for hospital labor and delivery nurses and is currently in revisions for its 3rd edition. As a CNM, she has served the women of Union County, New Jersey for more than 10 years, having held privileges at both Overlook Hospital and Trinitas Regional Medical Center. After years of being on call, and over 1300 babies delivered, Cassie has decided to shift her practice where women continuously struggle, but receive the least amount of support from the medical community: breast feeding. 

As an Advance Practice Nurse, Cassie can diagnosis and treat complicated breastfeeding conditions from the comfort of your home. Having breastfed her own children (each for 18 months), she understands first-hand the trials and complexity of milk supply and demand, engorgement, mastitis, pumping and returning to work while breastfeeding. 


With a strong belief that food is medicine and early nutrition is linked to long-term health benefits, it is her philosophy that establishing good eating habits through first solid foods is imperative. So, Cassie translated her passion for cooking into making her own baby food. She is excited to teach her clients how to prepare homemade first solids for their babies, and help them continue to provide nutritious meals at any stage of life. 

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